Governance and ethics

The University has a rich and diverse profile of research and enterprise activity across a broad range of subjects. The University recognises that all excellent research and enterprise needs to be underpinned by the highest standards of practice and confidence in both the integrity of its undertaking and the institutional systems for ensuring these occur. 

The Research and Enterprise Integrity Framework is the University’s primary regulatory and compliance document for research and enterprise integrity. It is the way in which the University ensures research and enterprise is conducted according to the highest standards of integrity. 

Research governance is the robust management and monitoring of research within the context of the Research & Enterprise Integrity Framework. Research ethics play an important role in research governance. It is a set of principles aimed at ensuring the rights, dignity, safety and well-being of researchers, research participants, sentient animals, data subjects - and of society in general. These principles guide all research activities undertaken at, on behalf of, or under the auspices of the University, from its inception through to completion, the publication of results and beyond.


We are committed to ensuring that the University, our staff, and our research and taught students are able to continue to develop and pursue their research.

We are now able to provide updated guidance on Continuity of Research and Research-Related Activity which provides the governance framework to support decisions about the recommencement of research and research-related activity where government guidance allows us to do so.  It has been designed to accommodate future changes to government advice, which may comprise either a further loosening, or a re-tightening, of restrictions, which may take place locally, regionally or nationally.  Consequently, although the guidance will be updated where necessary, it now provides a stable governance framework to support decisions about the continuity of research or research-related activities during the course of the 2020/21 academic year.

COVID-19: Continuity of Research and Research-related Activity


Many students will quite understandably be concerned about the impact of COVID-19 on their research and research-related activities. In addition to the publication of Covid-19: Continuity Of Research And Research-Related Activity, which provides the formal guidance, a resource has been produced in collaboration with the faculties to support students and their supervisors in developing alternative strategies for their research. 

Covid-19: Alternative Research strategies - Advice for students


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