Programme planning

The purpose of the programme planning process is to ensure that there is an in-principle case for inclusion of a programme in the University’s academic portfolio, and time is not wasted developing programmes that do not meet the University’s strategic needs. This process is overseen for the University by the Academic Strategy Committee, while oversight of the detailed activity of programme planning is delegated to faculties.

Programme Proposals - Forms and Guidance

The Faculty Programme Planning Executive (FPPE) or alternative Faculty body performing this function has oversight of the Faculty's academic portfolio. Outline proposals for all new programmes/courses must first be approved by the FPPE and then by the University Academic Strategy Committee.

Following approval by the Academic Strategy Committee, a detailed Programme Proposal Form and Financial Annexe must be submitted to the Faculty Programme Planning Executive (or alternative Faculty body performing this function) for approval.

Standard Forms and Guidance

The appropriate form below should be completed by the body performing the function of the Faculty Programme Planning Executive. The completed forms should then be submitted to the Academic Strategy Committee:

The forms below should be completed for all new programme proposals. The financial annexe must be authorised by the Faculty Management Accountant prior to submission. Please note the alternative arrangements below for short courses and the required finance authorisation. Completed forms must be submitted for approval to the body performing the function of the Faculty Programme Planning Executive:

Short Courses

Research Forms

If you are proposing a Research Degree please use the In-Principle Proposal Form (above) in the first instance.  Once In-Principle approval has been granted by the Academic Strategy Committee, please contact Sheila Wraight in the Graduate School for a more detailed subject approval form.

Chair's Action 

To request Chair's Action, please contact Claire Anderson.

Academic Strategy Committee Dates

To find out the Academic Strategy Committee dates, please contact Claire Anderson.

For advice and guidance on the programme proposal process, please contact your Faculty Director of Quality.


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