Course Continuous Improvement Plan (CCIP)

Central to cementing a continuous improvement culture within the University is the introduction of the Course Continuous Improvement Plan (CCIP).

The CCIP will:

  1. Work alongside Boards of Study to provide a more flexible, innovative and responsive approach to course management
  2. Replace the need for Annual Programme Monitoring (APM) action plan and commentaries by enabling teams to record and evaluate course improvement activity throughout the year and course approval cycle
  3. Enable Boards of Study to take responsibility for ongoing monitoring of course development throughout the academic year and course approval cycle
  • In practice, the CCIP is a live working document used by course teams throughout the academic year to record, evidence and assess the impact of actions they have taken to address priority areas within their course.
  • The live working document enables course teams to evaluate the impact of their actions, gather evidence, and make necessary adjustments based on outcomes.
  • Teams will use their CCIP to record course improvement activity throughout the academic year and course approval cycle.
  • The CCIP uses a RAG-rating system which allows course teams to assess completion and the impact of actions using a criteria of red, amber, and green.

Each course team will have their own CCIP, which will be managed by the Course Director (CD).  The CD will lead on discussions with the course team on the course's priority areas that require improvement and the best course of action they should take to address these areas. Members of the team will then be responsible for leading on these particular actions, either individually or collectively, to improve the overall course priority.


Course teams will be required to update the members of their Boards of Study (BoS) on the progress of their course improvement actions detailed in their CCIP. This will take place via a standing agenda item within every Board of Study as, CCIP updates.

To that end, Boards of Study will:

  • Approve the priorities, actions and overall direction of every course team’s CCIP at the Annual Monitoring Board of Study at the end of each academic year
  • Monitor the ongoing progress of course improvement activity to ensure that teams are using their CCIP efficiently to address both University and course-specific priorities throughout the year
  • Evaluate the progress and impact of actions using the CCIP RAG-rating system to recommend changes and adjustments to actions, where necessary
  • Enable teams to regularly discuss, review and adjust their CCIP activity with proper support and consultation from colleagues relevant to their course.

The CCIP model aims to change the process of course improvement from static, time-consuming, once a year action planning to continuous improvement throughout the year.  This will:

  • Enable teams to record and evaluate course improvement throughout the year through discussions at Boards of Study and use of RAG-rated system.
  • Provide a central evidence document for use at Annual Monitoring Boards of Study and Periodic Course Review (PCR) to replace all other action plan documentation.
  • Provide a targeted and streamlined approach to course improvement activity that aligns with University key priorities.
  • Enable a team approach to course development that ensures academic expertise and student feedback is the driving force for course enhancement.



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