Core Principles of Continuous Improvement

The core principles of the continuous improvement approach to maintaining the academic quality and standards of courses are:

Feedback from individual course team members through self-reflection and evaluation is equally as important as student feedback. This is because it enables the team to respond flexibly by making real time changes or adjustments to improvement actions to ensure they have the desired impact.

Boards of Study and ongoing course team discussion will support the self-reflection and evaluation processes. Evaluating the outcome and impact of an improvement action will help teams to make small changes to the course throughout the year, as and when required.

Through self-reflection and evaluation, course teams are continually seeking ways in which to improve the performance of their course.

The ideas of course team members and their students are the central driving force for course enhancement. As such, course management is a team approach, through individual and collective working to address course-specific priorities and common goals. 

Course management using a continuous improvement approach is based on making small continual changes, rather than big radical changes. These small changes will come directly from the expertise and talents of course teams, feedback from their students and University course data.

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