Boards of Study

Boards of Study are responsible for continuous course  monitoring throughout the academic year and course approval cycle. 

The main purpose of Boards of Study is to:

  1. Oversee course development and improvement through the approval and ongoing monitoring of every course team's Course Continuous Improvement Plan (CCIP)
  2. Provide an opportunity for course teams to identify common issues and share good practice relating to course development and improvement
  3. Enable a stronger partnership between academic staff and students as part of their participation in each Board of Study
  4. Bring courses together to enable:
    • Cross-course focus for embedding good practice and offer integrated solutions for course development
    • In-depth module and course review to identify staff working across more than one course to bring an overview of course activity to course management

Boards of Study are informed by a standard agenda template which focusses discussion on five key areas:

  • Course improvement progress through CCIP updates
  • Module review performance
  • Course review performance 
  • Induction, transitions, and in-year academic support

Within these areas are particular topics that should be covered, and these are informed by University data. The outputs from these discussions will also inform improvement activity and direction for each team’s PCIP.

For more information please see the DOWNLOADS for Board of Study agenda and minutes template.



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