Development and approval of new collaborative partners

Working in partnership is central to the academic mission of Canterbury Christ Church University.

Approval of new collaborative partnerships

The University's partnership approval process includes consideration of new collaborative partnerships by the Academic Strategy Committee, prior to the commencement of academic planning and course development. 

Process flows

For detail on articulation arrangements, please contact

Templates for approving collaborative arrangements 

All proposals must be accompanied by a Planning Proposal Part 1.

The development of collaborative agreements

The following forms and templates are used in the creation and monitoring of Collaborative Provision agreements. Further details on each can be found in the Quality Manual.

For any queries about Collaborative Provision, please contact Claire Anderson (Quality Manager), in the first instance. 

  • Due Diligence Form - For UK partnerships
  • Due Diligence Form - For International partnerships
  • Due Diligence Form - For Articulation Arrangements
  • Venue Checklist
  • CV Master
  • Agreement - each collaborative partnership will have a Memorandum of Agreement, which sets out the formal agreed terms for the operation of the partnership.  The Agreement is the contract between the two parties. New Agreements are developed from a standard template. From 2019 the majority of new and renewed partnerships will have a single Memorandum of Agreement that covers all collaborative courses run with a partner. (Template available on request)
  • Operational Annex to the Memorandam of Agreement - where partners deliver multiple courses their Agreement may currently comprise an institution level Memorandum of Agreement and separate Operational Annexes for each programme. This approach has been replaced with a single Agreement that covers all programmes, and Operational Annexes will be replaced as the relevant Agreements are renewed. 

For any queries about the approval of Collaborative Provision, please contact Claire Anderson (Quality Manager), in the first instance.



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