New Supplier Request Guidance

In order for the University to pay your company for the goods or services you are providing will need to create an account for you on the University's finance system, Agresso Business World. To do this we need to capture certain information about your company and we do this using the Supplier Request form.

This is a simple process which follows four basic steps.

  1. Your contact at the University will e-mail you a copy of the New Supplier Request form.
  2. You complete the relevant sections of the form and return it to the person who sent it to you.
  3. The form is then forwarded to the Purchasing Team who will decide whether your company is eligible to be added to Agresso. If so, your account will be created.
  4. Your contact at the University will raise a purchase order to cover the goods or services you are providing.

Although the process is simple some of the questions we ask on the form can look a little complex at first glance. Please see the following guidance notes to help you through the process:

As requests can be turned down it is important that you do not undertake any work for the University before you have completed the Supplier Request form and your contact at the University has issued you with a purchase order to cover the work being undertaken.


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