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Dr Philip Hurst

Senior Lecturer

School of Psychology and Life Sciences

I joined CCCU in 2013 and am a Senior lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology, at the School of Psychology and Life Sciences.

I joined CCCU as a PhD candidate and part-time instructor in October 2013. After working on research projects commissioned by the International Olympic Committee and World Anti-Doping Agency at the University of Birmingham in 2017-18, I was appointed Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology in June 2019. 

My research examines the role of the mind in the effectiveness of performance enhancing substances and the psychological antecedents of substance use behaviour. With a background in psychology and sport science, alongside strong interests in both physiology and neurobiology, I examine my research from an interdisciplinary perspective. 

I teach across the Sport and Exercise Psychology, Sport and Exercise Science and Sport Therapy and Rehabilitation undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. I am also the year tutor for the foundation year degree programmes. 

My research interests are related to placebo effects, safeguarding in sport and doping in sport.

Research Projects

  • Athletes First: Building up the future of Safe Sport from research to practice. Researcher(s): Miss Alexia Tam. Supervisor(s): Dr Philip Hurst, Dr Dikaia Chatziefstathiou. [Postgraduate Research Project]
  • Defining athlete-led indicators to inform the development of a rights-based international framework to monitor and evaluate measures to prevent and respond to harassment and abuse in organised sport.. Researcher(s): Miss Kirsty Burrows. Supervisor(s): Dr Philip Hurst, Dr Dikaia Chatziefstathiou. [Postgraduate Research Project]
  • Isometric Exercise Training. Researcher(s): Mr Sean MacHak. Supervisor(s): Dr Philip Hurst, Dr Jamie O'Driscoll, Dr Jim Wiles. [Postgraduate Research Project]
  • Placebo effects and cycling performance in virtual-reality and laboratory environments. Researcher(s): Mr Gui Garcia Matta. Supervisor(s): Dr Philip Hurst, Professor Andrew Edwards. [Postgraduate Research Project]
  • Safeguarding Bias in Sport: An Evaluation of Safeguarding to Define Concepts for Legislation to Resolve Bias and Improve Respect for the Identity of Child Sports Participants. Researcher(s): Mrs Yvette Kearns. Supervisor(s): Dr Dikaia Chatziefstathiou, Dr Philip Hurst, Professor Susan Millns. [Postgraduate Research Project]
  • Towards an International Safeguarding Policy. Athletes’ Human Rights and Safe Sport. Researcher(s): Mrs Catalina Melendro Blanco. Supervisor(s): Dr Philip Hurst, Dr Dikaia Chatziefstathiou. [Postgraduate Research Project]