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Mr Jamie Edwards

PhD Instructor and Academic Sessional

School of Psychology and Life Sciences and School of Psychology and Life Sciences

I Joined CCCU in 2020 as a PhD Researcher and University Instructor.

I joined CCCU in 2016 as an undergraduate student in Sport and Exercise Science, graduating in 2019 with a First-Class Honours degree. I then continued my CCCU journey through an MSc in Applied Exercise and Health Science, graduating with Distinction.

Following this, I began my role as a PhD Researcher and University Instructor in December 2020. As a cardiac patient, I underwent open-heart surgery during my academic journey, which helped form my keen interest in the field of cardiovascular physiology, ultimately shaping my current research direction. I have since published several research papers in exercise and cardiology, including work on my own cardiac condition.

My current PhD research explores the role of isometric exercise training in the management of blood pressure and cardiac health, with focus on patients with heart failure with preserved ejection fraction. 

As a PhD Researcher and University Instructor, my role involves a balance of active research engagement and teaching in the domain of cardiovascular and exercise physiology.

I have several undergraduate and postgraduate academic responsibilities. I teach on several modules, including BSc Sport and Exercise Physiology, BSc Physical Activity and Health, MSc Physical Activity in Health and Disease, MSc Advanced Laboratory Techniques. 

I have strong research interests in several sub-domains of exercise physiology and cardiology, including hypertension management, heart failure, coronary artery disease, hypertensive disorders of pregnancy and sudden cardiac arrest/death in athletes.

In addition to randomised controlled trials, I have particular interests in systematic review and meta-analysis research design.