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Belinda Siesmaa

Dr Belinda Siesmaa

Faculty Director of Quality

Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Social Sciences Faculty Office

I am the Faculty Director of Quality for the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Social Sciences.  

"Quality is about people not just paperwork" is my motto as the Faculty Director of Quality for the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Social Sciences.  

I have extensive experience in overseeing the quality provision of the Faculty Portfolio including UK and TNE partnerships, in collaboration with the PVC, Dean, Head of Schools, learning and teaching and other central CCCU services.  

Thus, I have significant experience and skills in the areas of leadership, quality assurance, consultation, learning and teaching and collaboration. I am also passionate about innovation, development and streamlining processes that are responsive, practical and creative.  

I work well under pressure, which is reflected by having won CCCU’s student nominated ‘Golden Apple’ award in 2020 for ‘Most Calm in a Crisis’ and pride myself on my attention to detail, organisation, communication, networking and interpersonal skills.

I joined CCCU in 2016 during which time I have held various leadership roles including: Interim Faculty Director of Learning and Teaching, Interim Faculty Director of Quality, Interim Subject Director (Psychology), Deputy Subject Director (Psychology), Postgraduate Programmes Lead (Psychology), Programme Director for the MSc Psychology (conversion course) and Course Director for the BPS accredited MSc Forensic & Investigative Psychology. I am also an External Examiner for the MSc Forensic Psychology at the University of Winchester and University of Gloucestershire. I also led the development and implementation of the first BPS accredited MSc Forensic & Investigative Psychology course at CCCU, in addition to having developed the first ever Forensic Psychology Hydrasuite Simulation in the world.

I am also a BPS and HCPC Forensic Psychologist and BPS RAPPS Registered Supervisor for Forensic Psychologists in Training (QFP - Stage 2), in addition to being a Committee Member for the Division of Forensic Psychology Training Committee. I specialise in forensic risk assessment and rehabilitation of adult male offenders (prison and community), in particular those with personality disorder and mental illness. I also has experience in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), CBT and schema therapy.

Prior to and during my time at CCCU, I have over 20 years’ experience working within various clinical/forensic settings (e.g. probation, prison, policing, community, inpatient, NHS and therapeutic communities) and academic environments (e.g. Kings College London, Monash University, Canterbury Christ Church University, Goldsmiths University, University of Huddersfield) in both Australia and the UK. As such, I have frequently been involved in the innovation, development and roll out of various therapeutic and academic programmes within and across different sectors (e.g. NHS, HMPPS, private sector, Universities).

I specialise specifically in topic areas relevant to Forensic, Investigative, Clinical and Counselling psychology related areas for both Undergraduate and Postgraduate provisions.

I also have experience in delivering training to professionals in the areas of: learning and teaching, quality assurance and forensic psychology specific training to professionals working in industry (e.g. prisons, probation, policing).

I have supervised both quantitative and qualitative (TA, IPA) undergraduate and postgraduate students in the following areas: human trafficking, stalking, bystander effect, drill music, intimate partner violence, cyber crime, mental illness, personality disorder, public perception of offending, child sexual exploitation, criminal narratives and terrorism.