It’s great to hear that you are interested in our BA/BSc Advertising (Hons) Course at Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU). We are passionate about the fantastic course we have developed in Advertising and hope you are too! We will nurture and support your personal and professional development in helping you earn your stripes to become an Advertising professional when you graduate.

Dr Justin Beneke
Course Director

Key dates

Start date: 19 September 2022

Academic Calendar: Semesters - click here for more about this Academic Calendar including key dates for learning and teaching, breaks and assessment periods


Welcome to Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU) and here’s to you beginning your BA/BSc Advertising (Hons) at Christ Church Business School! We have no doubt that you have made the right choice, and we will be with you every step of the way during the next three or four years of your study. As a combined Honours student studying Advertising, you will be immersed in a world of engaging and enlightening activities that we will shape your knowledge of Advertising, including Academic and Professional Development, Advertising Strategy, Advertising Media Planning, Content Creation and Copyrighting, Creative Campaign Development, as well as Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

Christ Church Business School is a caring and supportive community. Our expert lecturers are here to build your knowledge whilst enhancing your skills to progress to a good graduate career. We make sure there are lots of opportunities to meet other students and make life-long friends.

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While your first graduate job may seem far in the future, it’s never too soon to start filling your graduate CV with academic, practical, and work-related activities. From day one we will support you in preparing for your career. In your second year, you will spend a semester developing your personal brand as an Advertising professional (CV, LinkedIn, virtual interviews, psychometric tests and practice for graduate recruitment centres).

Steve Tingey, now a Business Development Manager at Amazon Advertising, was a former BSc Advertising student here at Christ Church Business School, having graduated with a first class Honours degree back in 2017. Steve has five years’ experience working at Amazon UK in various roles, including as a Account Manager, Strategic Account Manager and, more recently, in his current role as a Business Development Manager. Prior to that, Steve worked as a Marketing Intern at Sky, assisting with the development of Sky Vision's new website, extensively utilising their Content Management System, whilst also helping with their first ever customised email marketing campaign.

Steve’s LinkedIn profile can be found at

Furthermore, all students have the option to do a one year placement between their second and final year.

Josh Hall, who undertook a placement in 2020 and will be graduating in 2022, told us:

“Professional placement years are a great opportunity to develop the skills and theory you’ve learnt during the first two years of your course, whilst gaining some practical work experience within the industry. You’ll be in an environment where you can experience structured development opportunities and build a solid foundation of transferable business skills and expertise. With this addition to my degree, I have found it easier to apply theory within my final year modules and I am more optimistic entering the graduate job market. I would recommend it to anyone!”

Josh’s Linkedin profile can be found at


Support & Wellbeing

Importantly, we care you, your wellbeing, and success. On arrival, you will be allocated a personal academic tutor (PAT) to guide you on your personal development and the wider University has a large number of resources on finance, mental health and study skills to support your learning journey.

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Final year students told us in the National Student Survey 2021:

“Most lectures and seminars are interactive and offer various activities to break it up. There is a lot of info given to us on Blackboard about the course module.”

“The staff on my course were professionals rather than academics so more real-world skills are taught/applied.”


Getting started

Starting university can be daunting but fret not as this is completely normal. We understand that you have made a big step to achieving your future goals investing time, money, and energy to this degree.

Your first year at Christ Church Business School is divided into two semesters and you will study three modules in each one.

In your first semester, you will study

  • Academic and Professional Marketing Development
  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Economics

In your second semester, you will study

  • Introduction to Branding & Advertising
  • Marketing Metrics
  • Managing People in Organisations

One of the planned activities includes a field trip to the Museum of Brands in London. This exciting excursion will answer thought-provoking questions such as "What made Sunlight Soap innovative in the Victorian times? What was the first object in the Museum’s collection?” It will also help you socially connect with fellow students on your course as we grow our Advertising & Marketing student community.

As you move onto your second year you will develop in confidence and will start specialising in your chosen area of study.

You will undertake core modules in

  • Advertising Strategy and
  • Advertising Media Planning

There are also optional modules in

  • Content Creation & Copyrighting
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing Research
  • Retail Management
  • Project Management
  • Intercultural Experience
  • Employability Skills

In your final year, you will hone on the skills you have developed and chose a topic to closely match your career interests.

Core modules include

  • Creative Campaign Development
  • Brand Management & Communication

Optional modules include

  • Global and International Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Intercultural Marketing Communication
  • Public Relations Planning & Strategy
  • Retail Strategy and Service Management

The students on the BA/BSc Advertising (Hons) are from a variety of backgrounds and many places around the world. This makes us a rich, diverse, inclusive, tolerant and lively community.

Our campus is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and we look after it with care. It has wonderfully maintained open spaces and gardens to stroll in and meet with friends. It is situated in the heart of the city and everything you need for a convenient student life is within very close walking distance.

On the social side, the Student Union has a huge range of clubs, societies, and a student-run bar called The Lounge Bar – all of which have unique social calendars of their own and offer endless opportunities to make lifelong friends and discover new hobbies. And you can always create your own society and cultivate your own community!

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Learning at Christ Church Business School on the BSc Marketing (Hons) course

We care about you being at ease and confident about your studies and not worried. So, we have put in place a welcome week starting on the week of Monday, 19th September 2022 with lots of activities for you to familiarise yourselves with the way we teach and the way we will mark your work and support you all the way through. Make sure you attend to start making friends!


Pre-course reading

How you can prepare

Before you start your studies, you can get stuck in with some reading and viewing.

We’d recommend you take a look at the following publications:

Fundamentals of Marketing, 2nd edition by Paul Baines et al. Published by Oxford University Press (2021).

16 Top Content Marketing Trends To Stay On Top Of In 2022 by Forbes Magazine. Available at

5 of the best innovations that won in 2021, including Riot Games and Posterscope by The Drum. Available at:

Branding Like A Boss (10 Best Brand Strategy Examples) by Brand Master Academy. Available at