Before teaching starts again for Semester 2, Personal Development Week is your chance to try something new, broaden your horizons and think about your future plans.

About Personal Development Week 2022

Personal Development Week takes place 24 to 28 January 2022 for students on semester calendars, but all students are welcome to take part.

Taking time to reflect on your personal development can be good for your wellbeing and happiness, but it can also help you build confidence, develop new skills, enhance your employability and plan for your future. Make sure you explore the range of events and activities happening throughout the week, including Launch Your Career Week, a week-long programme of interactive workshops to help to boost your confidence, provide you with additional qualifications and help you secure your future job. 

You can also take the opportunity, for a limited time only, to sign up for our world-class cyber-security awareness training and develop the cyber-skills to make your CV or LinkedIn profile stand out to potential employers. Find out more.

Plus, if you are looking to try something new or make new friends, the Students' Union is the best place to start. Joining a sports club or society is a great way to get involved no matter what year or stage of university you’re at. Or you could look to become a Student Ambassador with the School & College Engagement Team, or support others through becoming a peer mentor

Take time for yourself with Library & Learning Resources...

Explore e-books

Explore a gallery of e-books focussing on wellbeing and study skills, available through Library Search.

There will also be a library display in Augustine House of relevant books for wellbeing/personal development during the week.

Activity: Write a review of your favourite book

  • An invitation to share a review of one of your favourite books. Reviews could be presented in written form or as a short video.
  • Share your review on our Padlet.
  • There will be a prize and a runner-up prize for the best reviews.

CCCU student tips on getting involved