We are pleased to announce that course timetables for Semester/Trimester 1 2022/23 are now available via UniTimetables.

By publishing course timetables via UniTimetables now, we hope to help you plan for the start of the next academic year, but please remember at this stage timetables are still indicative and could be subject to minor amendments. You should always check your timetable as you go, in case of unavoidable changes.

Please see the video below, or our online user guide, for support on using UniTimetables to look up the teaching timetable for your course. This includes timetabled lectures, seminars, practicals and other in-person and online classes but excluding placements.

Please remember that UniTimetables will display all timetabled teaching activities linked to a course or module. So, if it appears from UniTimetables that some or all your modules are taught in multiple groups, you will see details for all these groups – not just those that are relevant to you. If you don’t yet know which groups you are in for group activities, your Course team will provide you with this information before teaching on your modules starts.

Additional information for continuing students

  • Your individual student timetable* for the forthcoming Semester/Trimester will be available via MyTimetable by the time your course re-starts in September. Remember, once you have your individual timetable, you can link it to the calendar app of your choice, so you can see your course commitments alongside your personal events in one place. Remind yourself how to get the most out of MyTimetable.
  • If you don’t yet know which groups you are in for group activities, your Course team will supply you with this information before your course re-commences in September. If necessary, you can then cross-reference this with your course's timetable on UniTimetables for greater clarity about where you need to be and when, until your individual student timetable is ready.

Additional information for new students

  • Once you’ve completed your online registration (which you’ll be invited to do from late August onwards), your Course team will start preparing your individual student timetable*. This will be available to you via MyTimetable within two weeks of your course starting, and will display all your teaching activities for your first Semester/Trimester, including any group activities.
  • Until your individual student timetable is ready, your Course team will make sure you know where you need to be and when for the first few weeks of teaching on your course. This includes which groups you’ll be in for any group activities.
  • Your teaching timetable is one of the many important topics that your Course team will cover during your Welcome Week, which is why it’s a really important start to your University education. Welcome Week takes place immediately before teaching on your course begins; look out for your Welcome schedule, which tells you what you’ll be doing during that week, when it’s published on the Welcome Hub in early September.
  • Please see our other information for new students on timetabling at Christ Church.

For more about getting the most out of UniTimetables and MyTimetable, please see the Timetables And Dates student webpage. Or if you have queries about the timetable that's specific to your course (e.g. you are studying Combined Honours and there appears to be a clash in your timetable) please contact your Course team. 

*Please note that individual student timetables are not available for short courses and some courses with external professional requirements, but instead your Course team will supply you with all necessary timetabling information.