Students studying BSc Mental Health Nursing and Midwifery

27 April 2020

Mental Health Nursing students support vulnerable during lockdown

Alongside their studies, a group of the University’s Mental Health Nursing and Midwifery students have been supporting the vulnerable during the coronavirus lockdown, offering a free check-in and chat service. 

Second-year BSc Mental Health Nursing students Alex Richardson, Georgie Savage, Ellie Scott, Shari Dawkins and Shyline Mbeve and second-year Midwifery student Grace Scott, have set up a free chat service to customers of Alex’s mum’s gardening business Ladybirds Garden Service in Whitstable.  

As calls to Alex’s mums business increased as the UK was put on lockdown, the students were on hand to help.  

"I knew there was a way me and my course mates could help, Alex said.

"We have some experience and we love caring for people, so I put two and two together. We set up a buddy scheme, we check in with people weekly and make sure they are OK.

"If there are any issues where someone is at risk or suffering, it is fed back and we support or signpost where necessary."

The students have received feedback from customers who have said how valuable the initiative has been to members of the local community.  

"'This work is absolutely brilliant and I'd like to send my best wishes to Alex and his mother and to the team of our students engaged in this initiative.' "

Debra Towse, Dean of Medicine, Health and Social Care

The volunteering experience has provided the students with real-life experience.

Speaking on the initiative, he said: “The feedback we’ve received is really making a difference to people’s lives.  

“We’ve been told they really value speaking to the “nurses of tomorrow” and I’m so happy my course mates and I are doing this together.” 

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