Gevish Khuddo

21 May 2021

Biomedical Engineering student wins Guiness World Record

Gevish Kheddo, who is in his first year of Biomedical Engineering at Christ Church, has won the world record title of ‘Youngest person to visit every country in Europe.’ 

Gevish has visited all 50 countries in Europe, starting with Ireland. The 20-year-old’s passion for travelling started when he was just 16, saving money for his adventures by working various jobs in London in the hospitality sector. 

“My passion I think started because of curiosity and I wanted to find out more about different countries. I was alone when I went to the first country, Ireland. I just happened to go there as had a week’s break from my GCSEs,” Gevish said. 

“Everything went wrong on my first trip but I ended up staying for longer as I met a lot of people who shared the same interests. It was the beginning of travelling for me.” 

Gevish continued to travel and had visited 28 countries by the time he started his University journey at Christ Church, where he began studying a Foundation Year in Biochemical Engineering.  

Gevish has won the world record title of 'youngest person to visit every country in Europe.'Gevish has won the world record title of 'youngest person to visit every country in Europe.'

During his Foundation Year Gevish travelled in between lectures but continued to study while he was away.  

“Juggling both was one of the hardest things but studying was the main priority – I came up with a strict timetable for myself when travelling so I could put time aside to study as well as see different sites. You can do it though and when I had free time I would do my uni work,” he said. 

“One thing that a lot of people don’t realise is that when you’re at school you have a lot of holidays and half terms, bank holidays and summer. I didn’t miss any lessons so it was a good time for me to get it done.” 

Travelling was always one of Gevish's ambitionsTravelling was always one of Gevish's ambitions

Gevish added: “I really enjoyed Belarus and seeing differences in cultures - it was just so interesting and different to what I’m used to, it was very authentic.” 

On travelling and studying at the same time, Gevish’s advice to any students wishing to mirror that path is to ‘follow your dreams.'  

He said: “Don’t make the same mistake as me, don’t over-think it. If there’s one good reason to go, then do it.” 

Now a first-year student, Gevish is enjoying his degree at the University and says he always wanted to study in this field. 

“I feel really lucky as I’ve always known what I wanted to do, since I was 14. Biomedical Engineering is kind of in the middle of engineering and medicine, which are two things I am passionate about and I feel like this subject has a lot of potential for me to give back to people in the future. 

“A device or research could help thousands of people, and my dream is to go back home one day, and try to help improve the health infrastructures all over Africa. I think everyone should have the right to access healthcare.

“I chose Christ Church as I wanted to go somewhere that was quieter compared to London. When I visited Canterbury I loved the city, then I met some of the lecturers and was very excited about the new Verena Holmes Building,” Gevish added.

“I’m still really motivated as I continue with my studies at the University. I was blown away when I saw the new building and I’m really happy.” 


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