Dr Rajeeb Kumar Sah

19 February 2021

Supporting communities during Covid-19

Dr Rajeeb Kumar Sah, Senior Lecturer in Public Health, has recorded a video in the Nepali language to help support the Nepalese community access vital information on self-isolating during Covid-19.

The video is part of Public Health Dorset’s Trusted Voices campaign, that aims to find the best way to deliver messages about Covid-19 to communities in Dorset and Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole, and support people to make informed decisions based upon trusted conversations.

Dr Rajeeb Kumar Sah said: “It is important that everyone receives Covid-19 related information in an accessible language. When I was asked by Public Health Dorset to contribute to the Covid-19 Trusted Voices in Nepali language, I was delighted and honoured. As a Nepalese ethnic academic in Public Health, I felt it was my responsibility to alert my community about the importance of self-isolation in Nepali language, as language barrier is seen as one of the key issues in accessing health related information. I believe many of the older Nepalese population will benefit from this video and it will support them to look for the available support during Covid-19.”

You can view the video here.


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