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04 May 2020

University launches online learning resources for parents and teachers during lockdown

Academics from the Faculty of Education at Canterbury Christ Church University are sharing their expertise and experience of teaching to help parents and teachers negotiate home learning during the lockdown.

Every week throughout lockdown the Faculty staff will be providing a selection of free online materials and resources including webinars, podcasts to support and guide parents, carers and teaching professionals.

Dr Lynn Revell, Director of Research and Reader in the Faculty of Education, said: “I home-schooled my son for four long years and even though I was an experienced teacher nothing could have prepared me for the challenges of suddenly having to relate to my son as a pupil. It took time for us both to realise that this was a new relationship with new rules.

“But don’t worry if you have no training as a teacher and remember there is no ‘normal day’. For some routine and schedules work best but for others spontaneity and flexibility is the key to success.

“Embrace the weirdness. This is a strange time and it probably (hopefully) will never happen again, so why not make the most of it? If your children want to learn about something that’s not on the curriculum, why not use this time to indulge them? My son loved the ancient Greeks and so we read stories, wrote scripts about Athens, watched films and made shields in the back garden.

“And most importantly take the day ten minutes at a time. When I started home-schooling I became an expert at drawing up colour coded timetables for the week. They made me feel organised, but we were both demoralised if we were unable to stick to the allotted slots on the timetable and so I dramatically down sized my expectations for us both. Ten minutes doesn’t sound like much but it’s enough to make a difference and if it’s going well you can always keep going.”

Advice and resources for schools, parents and teachers can be found here:


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