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18 February 2020

Teachers need better mental health support

Dr Alan Bainbridge, Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Education, has been developing a model of support and supervision, working with the charity Barnardo’s Scotland, on a new report, which calls for better emotional and mental health support for education professionals in schools.

Barnardo’s Scotland published the report ‘Supervision in Education – Healthier Schools For All’ which surveyed more than 400 education staff who almost all said that supervision support could have a positive effect.

The report is calling for teachers to receive dedicated time for support and reflection during the working day. The charity says this would not only help staff to cope with “the complexity of their pupils' lives” but would also have a positive effect on the mental health and wellbeing of pupils by making schools less stressful environments.

Dr Bainbridge said: “The question to be asked is not ‘why should teachers receive supervision?’ But instead, ‘why are we not providing supervision?’

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“For too long teachers, their families and pupils have been put at risk by ignoring the challenging emotional labour expected of them. It is well known that unreasonable stress and anxiety leads to bad decision-making. Therefore, providing support and supervision for teachers is not only the right professional course of action. It is a moral obligation.

“If we value the young people in our education settings we must then value and care for those who care for them.”.

Read the full report here.

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