The Faculty of Science, Engineering and Social Sciences, will explore key issues relating to the global energy crisis at an event run by Politics and International Relations experts.

The event will be held in the Michael Berry Lecture Theatre at the North Holmes Road Campus on Wednesday 7 December and will assess key issues, including the impact of the War in Ukraine on European and global energy prices. Other topics to be discussed are how the global energy crisis has impacted beyond Europe, including in Africa, and more widely how it has impacted on questions of global security.

Experts include Professor of Contemporary Thought David Bates, Dr Sarah Lieberman and Dr Dele Babalola both Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations, as well as Dr Natalia Slobodian a researcher in the Politics and International Relations team.

She has more than 10-years’ experience as senior researcher and lecturer of Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University.  Dr Slobodian is a Habilitated Doctor of Human Sciences and has authored a number of publications including “The United States and Russian Federation in the Persian Gulf: Allies or Competitors”, “Russia's Energy Policy as an Instrument of Influence in Europe” and “Energy Diplomacy: Action Plan”

The word crisis is often overused. However, we are without doubt currently going through a crisis which is impacting directly on all of our lives.  “The global Covid-19 pandemic has not gone away. We have war in Europe which is a direct and palpable threat to our security. A humanitarian crisis the extent of which we have not seen since World War II is unfolding on our doorstep, and is being beamed directly into all of our living rooms. Energy prices are through the roof. And the impact of this crisis is not restricted to Europe.  It is truly global.

Professor of Political Contemporary Thought and School Director of Research & Enterprise David Bates

Key questions will include: 

  • How has the current war in Ukraine impacted on global energy prices and supply? 
  • How is energy supply used as a weapon of war? 
  • What impact will this war have on the future security of Europe? 
  • And how has this crisis impacted outside of Europe.  Our experts will give particular emphasis to Africa? 
  • What can be done to re-establish global security and prosperity?  

The event will give members of the public a real opportunity to ‘ask our experts’ and enable discussions about this critical period in our history. 

The event will also enable extensive questions and discussion from the audience.

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