Good luck to everyone on Calendar A receiving their end of year results on 29 June 2022.

To make it quick and easy for you to access your results they will go via a PDF attachment, sent direct to your University email address. Please check your email and if you have not received a communication by the end of the day contact the i-zone via email

You will also be able to access your Academic Summary via your Student Website when you want to.

It is important that you check your Academic Summary even if you think you know what the results will be, so that you can confirm what you have achieved and if you are required to take any further action.


If you don’t pass all your modules and progress to your next level of study at the first attempt, you will probably be offered the chance to undertake reassessment.

Reassessment provides you with a further opportunity to take and pass an assessment activity that you’ve attempted but not passed. There’s no stigma attached to reassessment, and many students who re-take an exam or are asked to submit an alternative piece of work go on to complete their award with the grades they wanted.

The formal reassessment period will be from 11 July. It is important that if you need to take a reassessment that you ensure you are available at this time.

Remember there is plenty of support available for your reassessments to enable you to succeed in your studies:

  • Discuss the results with your Personal Academic Tutor – they can provide guidance on what you need to consider to reach your future goals and develop your academic work.
  • Go through our assessment checklist – this will help you reflect and identify what support you may need to help you in your reassessments.
  • Check out the Learning Skills Hubthe Learning Skills Team can work with you to develop your study skills such as academic reading, writing and presentations as well as managing your time and workload at university. They offer workshops, individual academic tutorials and online resources to help you develop and enhance your learning.
  • Don’t forget that there is also your digital library, free software and productivity tools available to enhance your academic development and progression.

For further information on how your assessments are conducted, the formal steps involved in marking and what is next see Your Guide to Undergraduate Assessment and Award Processes

For further information on reassessments click here

Re-registration via MyRecord 

Re-registration this year will be a slightly different experience than in the past, as - for the first time - students will re-register via MyRecord. MyRecord will eventually replace Your Services as the place to go to carry out key processes relating to your studies.

Please check your university email for an invite to re-register via MyRecord. The majority of students will be invited to re-register in late August if they are intending to continue with their studies in 2022/23 and know from their results that they are eligible to do so.