An exciting opportunity for anyone with a passion for technology returns to Canterbury this October.

Canterbury Chris Church University is delighted to be hosting BarCamp Canterbury, the free-to-attend community unconference, where any builders, makers or thinkers, or anyone wanting to discover something new, can share ideas and talk with like-minded people.

Different from a typical conference, where the talks are pre-planned and scheduled, the content for the day is created by the community who attend. Attendees just turn-up on the day and pick a timeslot to give a talk. The dynamic nature of the BarCamp schedule means talks are ad-hoc, and those which go down very well often spin off follow-up talks later in the event.

BarCamp logo
BarCamp Canterbury

Some of the community members who will be attending this year include classic car restorers, security system builders and bike modifiers - from pedal to electric. Talks tend to be tech-related, but they can be about just about anything. In previous years talks have ranged from topics such as web development, design, inspiring women, visiting Chernobyl, building a robot for Robot Wars, learning Esperanto, mental health, and making cheese.

BarCamp started in Silicon Valley in 2005, is now held in over 350 cities around the world. BarCamp Canterbury has run since 2008.

Come and share your passion at BarCamp Canterbury on Saturday, 29 October, 10am-4.30pm, at the Verena Holmes Building, canterbury Christ church University, North Holmes Road, CT1 1QU.

Find out more about BarCamp Canterbury.

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