I’m Olivia and I study an Arts in Education degree here at CCCU. I’m going to give you my six top tips for starting at University. 


1. Familiarise yourself with what’s available

Make sure you familiarise yourself with all of the resources available to you! The library is not just for books, they offer loads of courses and workshops to help you with anything and everything from referencing to understanding feedback. Then there’s the Careers and Enterprise Hub for job applications and CVs, Unitemps for part time work, and of course the Student Wellbeing Advisers to help you if you’re struggling.

2. Get to know your Personal Academic Tutor

Everyone gets assigned one when they start here and your PAT will be your first port of call when you have questions about your course, your assignments and anything in between.

3. Put yourself out there!

This might be pretty obvious but one of the most important parts of your university life will be the connections that you make with others. One of the easiest ways to do this besides meeting the people on your course, or in your accommodation is to go to Freshers Fayre. Sign up for trial sessions for sports and societies that interest you, whether it’s something you’ve been doing for ages or something you’ve never experienced before, being part of a Sport or Society is a great way of meeting people with like minded interests.

4. Make your room feel like home

For a lot of you moving to university will mean leaving behind the things you know, it definitely did for me. So, decorate your room, make it your space. Obviously, you can’t paint or do anything drastic but there are things you can do to make it yours. Put up pictures, bring cushions, blankets, and knick knacks. One of my favourite ways to spruce up my room is using Washi tape to add a splash of colour. My bedroom door right now has a rainbow outline which I love. As long as what you’re doing isn’t permanent and doesn’t damage anything then go for it.

5. Be considerate to your housemates

This is pretty obvious but also pretty important. Make sure you’re doing your chores, don’t leave the communal spaces in a mess or invite tons of people over without checking with the people you live with. You’re going to be together for at least a year. Make it enjoyable, being respectful and kind towards each other will have a massive impact on your first year at university.

6. Communicate

Talk to people if you’re having problems, whether that be your PAT, one of your tutors, or a peer mentor, whoever it is just communicate. Everyone here at Christ Church wants to see you succeed, if you need help just ask for it. If the person you speak to can’t help you directly there will always be someone they can refer you to help make things better.

We are so excited for you to start with us, and I hope my top tips help you get settled and have an amazing start to your CCCU journey.