Did you know student life doesn’t have to be all about your studies?

At CCCU we think it’s important to make space in your studies to participate in activities outside of the classroom and away from your desk or computer.

So many opportunities await you at university- and no matter what year of study you’re in, it’s never too late to get involved. From pursuing your hobbies including joining one of the many societies and getting involved in events around campus, to improving your fitness at the gym and playing sports you love. From making a positive impact on people’s lives, including your own, through volunteering either on campus or at one of our partner organisations, to developing your employability skills and inspiring others by becoming a student ambassador, there are several ways you can apply your skills and interests at Christ Church to improve the quality of your education.

Maximising your student life by getting involved in activities beyond your studies has a number of benefits. So here are our top three reasons:


1. Be an active part of the community

Getting involved with extracurricular activities can give you the opportunity to become an active part of the community and gives you a sense of place and belonging. Plus, gaining confidence in social settings can prevent feelings of isolation and loneliness, and improve your wellbeing.

Being a student ambassador has given me the opportunity to be an active part of the university community and the wider school community in and around Kent.

SashaStudent Ambassador

2. Make long-lasting friendships and connections

Participating in the wider community will not only contribute to the stories and memories of your time at university but will help you after graduation as well. When you join an extracurricular activity, you meet new people with similar interests and in turn develop long-lasting friendships and improve your networking skills, which could help with getting a job after uni.

I enjoy being a part of a sports team as it has allowed me to make some really close friends that I would’ve never met otherwise.

JoeMen's Rugby

3. Gain new skills for the future and broaden your horizons

You also gain critical skills and learn new knowledge to include on your CV; broaden your perspective and find appreciation for new passions; or even find part-time work to allow you to gain experience and earn while you learn.

Being involved with the Student Green Office has given me a focus beyond academics at university, it has allowed me to make new friends, network and learn so much more about our wider world.

AmberStudent Green Officer

It's about your accomplishments

We want you to be proud of your accomplishments while at university and hope that you take the time to participate in fun, challenging, and rewarding opportunities as well as your academics. We know life can be busy, but finding activities that work around your schedule is the best thing you can do for yourself today and in the future.