Business School celebrates 70 years of understanding human behaviour

17 July 2017

A website to celebrate 70 years of the Tavistock Institute has been launched.

Reimagining Human Relations in Our Time, is the work of the Tavistock Institute in partnership with Canterbury Christ Church University Business School and the Wellcome Library.

Antonio Sama, from the University’s business School, has been working on the website as part of a festival of celebration of the work institute and it’s archive. The website aims to make the Institute’s immense archive more accessible to the public and academic audiences.

The Institute has spent the last 70 years studying and researching human behaviour and relations to develop a better understanding of organisations, communities and societies to achieve greater and more efficient changes to our working life and surrounding environment.

For more information on the website, Reimagining Human Relations in Our Time, and events to celebrate the Tavistock Institute’s 70 years, visit: .


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