Academic takes Arcade Culture research to Stanford University

13 April 2017

Dr Alan Meades, Principal Lecturer in Digital Design in the School of Media, Art and Design, was invited to give a public lecture on British amusement arcade culture at Stanford University, as part of the University’s Media X programme.

The lecture titled Arcade Photographs, Arcade Comics, Arcade Tales, explored the differences and similarities between UK and North American play cultures making links with Christ Church’s newly discovered archive of British arcade photographs, the George Wilson Collection, and Stanford’s similar Bay Area Arcades work by acclaimed American photographer Ira Nowinski. The two collections are the only known archives of this type, offering a unique glimpse into British and American play culture.

Alan said: “Having the opportunity to deliver my research and connect with academics at Stanford was a wonderful experience. The Arcade Tales research was really well received and has already led to other research collaborations, I’m now working with Stanford on biosciences related illustration projects, and the Stanford games team are keen to be involved in an AHRC international research network bid that I’m developing at the moment”. 

“I’m thrilled by the reception to the Arcade Tales project, especially following the unconventional decision to turn academic social histories into comic books. I think it is fantastic when research at Christ Church is recognised at an international level, and it goes to show that when we engage with our local communities and the cultures we understand we can come up with great things!”          

If you have any questions for Alan, or indeed any tales to share you can contact him by email, via the project's Facebook page, or through the Arcade Tales website. Alan’s Stanford lecture can be found on YouTube.


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