Tenth annual Thomas Becket Lecture

22 January 2016

Canterbury Christ Church University will host its tenth annual Thomas Becket lecture on Thursday, 28 January.

This year, the University will welcome the internationally renowned scholar and author, Dr Rachel Koopmans from York University, Toronto, as its guest speaker. Dr Koopmans will speak about Thomas Becket in the Medieval and Modern Stained Glass of Canterbury Cathedral

Dr Koopmans, Associate Fellow of Toronto’s Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies, has written an award-winning book on medieval collections of miracle stories, and is currently working on a new catalogue and study of the Thomas Becket ‘miracle windows’ of Canterbury Cathedral.

This lecture will compare the cathedral’s medieval and modern stained glass depictions of Becket.  A study which reveals a great deal, not only about medieval conceptions of Becket and his cult, but also about our own engagement with Becket’s legacy.

Her talk will explore why the remarkable panels of 13th and 15th century stained glass picturing Thomas Becket, which still survive today in Canterbury Cathedral, are not as widely known, nor as popular as stained glass images of Becket installed in the cathedral in the early 20th century by the glazier Samuel Caldwell, Jr.  Starting in the 1960s, when colour reproduction became more economical, Caldwell’s images have appeared on postcards, book covers, museum exhibits, posters, tourist trinkets and, now, numerous websites. 

The lecture is free and open to all and takes place at 6pm in room Og46, Michael Berry Lecture Theatre, Old Sessions, North Homes Campus, Canterbury.


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