Singers to fill the Turner Contemporary's big lift with music

12 January 2016

How many singers can you fit in a lift? When the lift in question is the supersized lift at Turner Contemporary in Margate, the answer is 70!

LIFTED is a new choral installation, created and composed by Emily Peasgood, a Canterbury Christ Church University PhD student and sessional lecturer, for performance by a live choir and beat boxer. The work will premiere with 70 singers at 2pm on Sunday 17th January, inside the passenger lift at Turner Contemporary, with further performances at 3pm and 4pm.

Conceptual artist Emily Peasgood has worked with librettist Kate Harwood to create a work that aims to challenge where live music is traditionally performed and to bring ‘piped’ background music ‘Muzak’ to the forefront, through a live installation of lift music that cannot be ignored.

Emily said: “I used to stand in lifts and sing, much to the bemusement of fellow passengers, and I would stare at the doors as they opened and closed. I wondered why the lift could not itself be a performance space with performers inside the lift and the audience outside, looking in.”

LIFTED explores performance traditions and the expectation and meaning we give to performances when experienced in the ‘traditional’ setting of the concert hall. By removing that context, LIFTED aims to create new experiences and meaning for audiences, whilst creating delight and surprise.

Sarah Martin, Head of Exhibitions at Turner Contemporary. “Turner Contemporary is delighted to be the first venue for the performance of LIFTED, during the final weekend of our current exhibition Risk.

“This exhibition is all about artists taking creative risks; risk with their materials, physical risks for themselves and risk for the audience. LIFTED really challenges how an audience encounters music and when Emily approached us with the idea we felt it fitted perfectly into this theme. At Turner Contemporary we are keen to show artworks and performance throughout the building and LIFTED allows us to bring to life a well-used space in an exciting and unexpected way.”


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