Out-of-copyright books to be republished in grand editions

The Culture Capital Exchange has recently announced the first tranche of recipient grantees from The National Academics and Creatives Exchange, a two-year pilot project bringing together Artists, Creative Small Businesses and Academic Researchers to explore and nurture research collaborations between the Arts and Creative Sectors and Universities.

Amongst the ten winning projects is graphic design agency, Estuary English’s ‘The Lost Hope Book Club’, a creative publishing venture that will republish out-of-copyright books with grand ideas that turned out to be wrong, or were just displaced by a better theory, in beautiful editions. Katherine May, Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing at Canterbury Christ Church University, is the projects academic partner.

One of the books to be republished is William Paley's Natural Theology, which made an attempt to understand evolution, and which inspired Darwin’s work, but was also superseded by it. The aim is not to hold these ideas in contempt, but instead to assess the way stray, wild ideas are necessary for the more considered ones to develop, and also to explore how sometimes these rejected ideas may come back into use.

Funded by Arts Council England (ACE) and the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) The Exchange is building a national network through which artists, creatives and researchers can grow mutually beneficial relationships and break down barriers to collaboration. Creatives will gain better intelligence about their work and academics will be able to strengthen their research practice with direct access to industry partners.


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