Engaging Sociology Series to examine UK counter-terrorism since 9/11

01 March 2016

The UK’s policy and practice in counter-terrorism will be examined as part of Canterbury Christ Church University’s Engaging Sociology Series.

On Friday, 11 March, Dr Rizwaan Sabir of Liverpool John Moores University will present a special guest lecture: Don't mention the war: UK counter-terrorism on the home front since 9/11.

The lecture will discuss UK counter-terrorism since the attacks of 9/11 and 7/7. Dr Sabir will argue that the increasing criminalisation and construction of Muslims and dissenters as ‘suspects’ is not an unpleasant by-product of mistakes, ignorance or arrogance, but rather, the consequence of adopting a counterinsurgency warfare approach that seeks to co-opt, coerce, and control Muslim populations and those who stand with them.

Dr Sabir is a lecturer in Criminology and specialises in the study of UK counter-terrorism, counterinsurgency, and the British ‘war on terror’. His research was motivated by his false arrest and detention as a suspected terrorist (one of the 'The Nottingham Two') for possessing a copy of the al-Qaida training manual that he was using for his postgraduate research on al-Qaida and Hamas. After settling his legal case with the police in 2011, he was awarded £20,000 in compensation, issued an apology for being unlawfully stopped and searched, and had incorrect intelligence that was being held on him removed from police computers. 

Don't mention the war: UK counter-terrorism on the home front since 9/11 takes place on 11 March at 5pm. To book visit the University’s Arts and Culture calendar. 

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