Academic shares London stage with world-renowned film producer

17 June 2016

Professor of Modern History, in the School of Humanities, Kevin Ruane, hit the London stage this month alongside Jan Harlan, a renowned film producer, in an audience question and answer session about the way the Vietnam War has been reflected in cinema.

Kevin, who has been acting as a historical advisor on the play, The Last of the Boys, at the Southwark Playhouse, was approached to be part of the session with Jan Harlan after one of the performances by the play’s director, John Haiden. Jan is most known for his work as the film producer of a number of eminent movies, including The Shining, Full Metal Jacket and Eyes Wide Shut, all directed by Stanley Kubrick.

As a result of Kevin’s work on the play, he has now been invited to contribute to a book celebrating another of Stanley Kubrick’s most famous films and Cold War classics, Dr Strangelove.

Kevin said: “The experience of working with John, the brilliant cast of The Last of the Boys, and with Jan Harlan has been thrilling, a real highlight of my career and a good example of how so-called academic work, in this case my research on Vietnam, can sometimes make a real public and popular impact.”


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