Professor to debate Churchill and nuclear weapons at Cambridge University

6 October 2016

Kevin Ruane, Professor of Modern History, will be taking part in a debate on the topic of Winston Churchill and nuclear weapons at the University of Cambridge next month.

The event, Churchill and nuclear weapons: from the A-bomb to the H-bomb, will be hosted by the Keeper of the Churchill Archives, Allen Packwood and chaired by Dr Helen Curry, Senior Lecturer in History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Cambridge. Professor Ruane’s co-debator will be the award-winning scientist and author of Churchill’s Bomb, Graham Farmelo.

They will be discussing Churchill’s role in developing nuclear weapons, and in authorising the use of the atomic bomb, as well as how his views changed over time in response to the Cold War and the terrible destructive power of the H-Bomb?

For more information on the event, being held on Tuesday,15 November at Churchill College, University of Cambridge click here.

Professor Ruane’s book, Churchill and the Bomb in War and Cold War, was published by Bloomsbury last month.


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