Great British Class to be explored by leading sociologist

09 April 2015

Canterbury Christ Church University's Sociology programme is set to continue its Engaging Sociology lecture series on Monday 27 April with; The Great British Class Survey.

Mike Savage, a Professor of Sociology and Head of Department at the London School of Economics, will give an open lecture exploring social class in the 21st century and whether the traditional hierarchy of the ‘working’, ‘middle’ and ‘upper’ class is still a useful way of understanding difference.

In 2011, the BBC launched the Great British Class Survey which used details about household income, social networks and cultural interests to determine your social class. Professor Savage designed the survey with the BBC and was interested in understanding the social, economic and cultural dimensions of social position. The evidence suggested that social divisions are powerfully persistent but that it is more useful to think of these in terms of seven distinct class categories ranging from the ‘elite’ to the ‘precariat’.

According to Professor Savage, this survey became one of the most successful pieces of popular sociology ever conducted with over 161,000 responses. Drawing on this wealth of data, Professor Savage will describe these new class categories, show how they impact on life choices and chances and explain how you too can calculate your own class position.

The Great British Class Survey will take place on Monday 27 April at 6pm in the Michael Berry Lecture Theatre in the Old Sessions House building on the North Holmes Campus. The event is free and open to all, booking is not required.

Engaging Sociology is a new initiative within the Sociology programme at Canterbury Christ Church University. Sociology’s focus on social life and societal issues means that its research and insights are of interest not only to academics and students but also to the general public and policy makers. Through open debates, public lectures and community and school involvement, the Sociology team are committed to ensuring that our discipline has practical and valuable application.



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