Faculties support million+ manifestos for health and teacher education

31 March 2015

Staff and students from Canterbury Christ Church University have attended the launches of manifestos for health and teacher education, published by university think tank million+.

The two manifestos,  A Manifesto for Health Education  and  A Manifesto for Teacher Education call on all political parties to recognise the roles of universities in health and social care education and initial teacher education.

In A Manifesto for Health Education , million+ says that the ‘next government will have to significantly increase investment in education, professional development and research in order to improve patient care and integrate health and social care services’.

Debra Teasdale, Dean of the Faculty of Health and Wellbeing at Canterbury Christ Church University, said: “The event, hosted in the House of Commons, provided a great opportunity for students to become politically aware about their future in the professions.

“It also provided an important opportunity for million+ and universities to speak with potential government ministers on how to address issues within Healthcare Professional Education.”

William Stow, Head of the School of Teacher Education and Development, in the Faculty of Education, attended the event with seven Primary Education students. The  Manifesto for Teacher Education  urges all political parties to pay heed to the emerging evidence of a crisis in teacher supply, recruitment and retention, and to commit to systemic investment in the training and ongoing professional development of all teachers in the future.

Speaking after the launch, William welcomed the main themes of the manifesto. He said: “We welcome the focus on the role of universities in educating and developing teachers and re-establishing some stability and balance in the system. Despite considerable disruption to the sector brought about by recent policies, we still have enough good universities involved in teacher education to support the many schools now more closely involved in educating new teachers, and to provide stability to schools in ensuring a regular supply of well-educated newly qualified teachers.

“It is vital that in the coming years, universities are closely involved in all aspects of educating and developing teachers, and in particular, government needs to invest in high quality, ongoing professional development, to stem the terrible waste of half of all teachers who leave the profession within five years of their training."

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