Book launch and roundtable discussion on the Obama presidency


17 March 2015

Dr Mark Ledwidge, Senior Lecturer in the School of Humanities, will be co-hosting a book launch and roundtable event at City University London on Wednesday, 18 March assessing the presidency of Barack Obama.


The event will debate and explore the themes and perspectives highlighted within two recent publications: Barack Obama and the Myth of a Post-Racial America and Obama and the World.

The books have been co-edited by Dr Ledwidge, Professor Kevern Verney, and Professor Inderjeet Parmar and Dr Ledwidge, Professor Inderjeet Parmar and Linda B.Parmar respectively.

The roundtable panel will consist of invitees who have contributed to one or more of the books and who will assess the Obama presidency from their own perspectives and viewpoints in relation to Obama's performance during his first and second terms in relation to race and U.S. foreign policy.

Co-hosting with Dr Ledwidge will be Professor Parmar, Head of Department for International Politics at City University London. Dr Ledwidge is also a currently a Research Fellow at City.


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