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14 November 2014

Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Dr Keith McLay, has completed a series of public lectures for local history groups in Cheshire, exploring the Acts of Union between England and Scotland.

In the lectures, Bought and Sold: The 1707 Union between England and Scotland, Dr McLay examined the historical context and political background to the recent referendum on Scottish independence. 

The early history of Union making, from the late 13 century through to the Cromwellian political union of 1654, was considered in the series, along with the origins of the push for Union in the first decade of the 18 century, showing how this impetus culminated in the successful passage of the 25 article Act of Union in 1707.

The lectures finished with a look at how both the ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ campaigns in the recent hotly contested Scottish independence referendum, abused the history of the 1707 Union to advance their arguments and gain support.




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