stem cell research lab helps to inspire next generation of scientists

Stem cell research lab helps to inspire next generation of scientists

3 September 2019

This summer Canterbury Christ Church University’s Stem Cell Research Advanced Bioengineering Laboratory (SCRABEL) at the Medway Campus opened its doors to local school students to give them a wide ranging experience of real life science.

The aim of the experience for students was to help them apply what they learn in school to real life science and inspire the next generation of doctors or scientists.   

During their time in the lab they were able to observe techniques such as culturing cells, learn about the study of tissue and cells under a microscope, known as histology, as well as immunocytochemistry, a common lab technique used to visualise specific proteins within cells.

Alongside the lab’s scientists and surgeons, they also began to understand how stem cells could be used as tissue type for use in the repair of injured or diseased tissues in the future.  

Jack Palmer (pictured above), 12, from Rainham Mark Grammar School, said: “I’ve learnt about stem cell research, how to pipett, stain cells and how to use advanced cell machines. 

"The visit has allowed me to see new technology that I would never have seen at school. The whole experience had opened up a new dimension for me, especially when I learn about stem cells in science lessons in the future.”  

Jack’s parents and grandparents were also given a tour of SCRABEL. His parents commented that Jack’s experience had given him an understanding of professionalism, the importance of detail in his work and shown him possible areas for a future career.  They felt it had inspired him to continue finding out about stem cell research, which he is extremely interested in. The experience also allowed them to see for themselves what Jack had been doing and enabled them to discuss Jack’s experience at the lab and passion for science, which is very important for them to support Jack in this way.

Dr Sue Plummer, Director of the Institute of Medical Sciences at the Medway Campus, said: “It has been a pleasure to have the students with us this summer.  They have been able to join in the activities of our lab, understand more about the work of a scientist and get some insight into the exciting future of stem cells. Inspiring the future generations of scientists and doctors is a very important part of our work in SCRABEL.”

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