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Meet our election experts from Politics and International Relations who can guide you through the debates and issues of the 2017 general election, and offer insight into the potential repercussions of the vote for the UK, the political parties and their leaders. 

Dr David BatesDr David Bates

David is Director of Politics and International Relations. His research looks at contemporary radical political thought and political activism. He is particularly interested what future radical and Marxist economic ideas have in a world dominated by capitalism. He is available to comment on:

  • What the election means for the left in British politics
  • Contemporary forms of populist politics (right and left wing variants) and how these are present in the politics of May and Corbyn
  • The challenge of populism to neo-liberalism
  • The death of alternative political utopias
  • Red Tory/blue labour debates
  • Social class, privilege and politics
  • Pogonophobia in British elections 
  • Post truth politics

Dr Mark BennisterDr Mark Bennister

Mark is a Reader in Politics and is currently a parliamentary academic fellow, researching the Prime Minister's appearances before the Commons Liaison Committee. His areas of research include political leadership, prime ministerial power, rhetoric and political parties. He regularly contributes to BBC Radio Kent and is available to comment on: 

  • Prime ministerial performance
  • Political leadership
  • Party competition
  • Political oratory and rhetoric
  • Parliament

Dr Amelia HadfieldDr Amelia Hadfield

Amelia is the Director of the Centre for European Studies and Jean Monnet Chair in European Foreign Affairs. She engages regularly with UK, European and world media on British-EU relations, UK foreign policy, European foreign affairs, and of course Brexit. She is available to comment on:

  • The role of Brexit in national, regional and local debates
  • EU-UK negotiations in domestic and international terms
  • EU foreign policy (NATO, Russia, migration, Eurozone)
  • The UK and Commonwealth
  • UK-US affairs
  • Kent and Canterbury party politics

Paul Anderson

Paul Anderson

Paul is a PhD candidate. His primary research focuses on constitutional politics, federalism and independence movements. Paul recently spoke to BBC Radio Scotland on the prospect of Indyref2 and has commented to the European media on the situation too. He is available to comment on:

  • The Scottish dimension of the election and Scottish politcal parties
  • Scottish independence and Indyref2
  • UK parties' stances on constitutional issues, including May and Corbyn's position on Scotland, Indyref2, constitutional politics and Brexit
  • What the election means for Constitutional Politics

Dr Andre BarrinhaDr Andre Barrinha

Andre is a Senior Lecturer. His main research interests are within the fields of Security Studies and International Relations theory. Andre is regularly interviewed by EU media on British politics and is available to comment on:

  • Foreign policy impacts of the elections
  • Relations with Europe
  • The challenge of populism to neo-liberalism
  • The international perception on British Politics

Dr Sarah LiebermanDr Sarah Lieberman

Sarah is a Senior Lecturer with expertise in comparative politics, looking at the functions of political institutions in the UK and across the EU. This includes elections, decision making bodies and the analysis of bureaucratic agencies and international organisations. She is available to comment on:

  • The British electoral system
  • The British constitution
  • The effect of the election on the future of UK in Europe
  • The relationship between Westminster and the devolved administrations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

Dr Philipp KökerDr Philipp Köker

Philipp is a Senior Research Fellow with specialisms in the presidential politics and party systems in European democracies. He also has research expertise for elections in candidate selection, party strategies and allegations of wrongful or unlawful acts in relation to elections. He is available to comment on:

  • Candidate selection and candidate turnover in political parties
  • Electoral systems, turnout, strategic and tactical voting
  • Political corruption and allegation of malfeasance
  • Impact of the election on Germany and the German general elections
  • Impact of the election on Central and Eastern Europe and their policy towards the UK

Dr Demetris TillyrisDr Demetris Tillyris

Demetris is a Lecturer and Director of Making Politics Matter at the University. His research explores a range of ethical issues in contemporary public life and policy, focusing on political morality, moral conflict and public ethics. He is available to comment on:

  • The ethics of political leadership and political campaigning
  • Political disenchantment
  • Hypocrisy and betrayal in democratic politics 
  • The contemporary moral crisis of democratic politics
  • The rise of populism and the relationship between populism and democratic politics


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