There’s so much to take on board when you first start uni. In the beginning you’re bound to have a few highs and lows, but there’s always someone to talk to.

Sometimes it can just be good to talk, and if you ever need to chat there are plenty of opportunities.

Whether you’re starting to feel homesick, have queries about your studies or trouble settling in, our Student Wellbeing Advisers are always a good place to start. You can contact them via:

 Also :

  • If you are feeling overwhelmed our Mental Wellbeing Team can provide emotional support. 
  • Our Chaplaincy also offer a confidential listening service. They provide a safe place and have a range of events to help you meet other people.
  • Togetherall is a free 24/7 online service where you can talk to peers or counsellors any time of the day about anything that’s worrying you.
  • We also have a range of online resources and self-help guides on a range of topics.

Marta shares her advice on coping with homesickness.

Katie gives all the free wellbeing activities available at Christ Church a go. 

Chooseday Chill has been great at making me feel part of a community. It makes you feel supported not only by the University but also by other students. It is good to know that at least once a week there is a place you can go to, to relax and to connect with others. It is a place where you feel a real sense of belonging

Neli, Creative Writing Student