Staying up-to-date with your programme and campus life is made easy with different channels to suit your preference and interests.

Once you get nearer to joining us (about six weeks before your start date) and have met the key conditions of your offer, you’ll be sent two emails to set up your student computing account - one with your username and one with your password.

You’ll need your student computing account to access some of the  following communication channels:


Blackboard is our virtual learning environment, where academic staff post information, resources and activities online relating to your programme of study.

You’ll be shown how to use Blackboard by your programme team when you start.

Student website

There are dedicated webpages for current students, with information on the support, services and opportunities that are available - see Being mobile-friendly, with key links to all your online services, you may want to bookmark this site so you can access it easily.


All university-related email correspondence will be sent to your university email address, so it’s important that you check it regularly. If it helps, you can forward the emails to your personal account, so you don’t miss anything.

Social media

Keep up-to-date with what is happening for students by joining the dedicated accounts:

@CCCUStudents Facebook


@canterburyccuni Instagram

The latest news and events are also shared via our student blog, at: