Whatever your life circumstance we hope to link you with a student mentor at Canterbury Christ Church University who has been in your shoes and can offer you support, advice and guidance from the benefit of their experience.

You may request a pre-arrival student peer mentor as soon as you have accepted an offer to study with Christ Church.

Our peer mentors can be first, second or third years as well as postgraduate students who are trained to provide a safe and confidential space for new students to talk freely and ask questions providing, reassurance and guidance to help you to settle in.

Peer Mentors can support you before you arrive via email and once you start they would be happy to meet face to face in person or virtually, show you around campus and keep in regular contact to see how you are getting on. In the last 

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The peer mentoring service aims to find the right peer mentor for you and you can register your interested by emailing peermentoring@canterbury.ac.uk.

Peer Mentoring
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