The library is one of the main places where you'll find what you need when studying, both physically within Augustine House and Drill Hall, or online through Library Search. Familiarise yourself with the Library to get a head start in your studies.

Become orientated with your library

Getting started with Library services

Whether you take a virtual tour or an in-person tour, there's some essential information to help you make use of the library and to better understand the services, resources and help that's available, below.


Changes implemented for Covid-19 

  • Use the Click and Study service to book a study space in Augustine House Library. Slots currently last three hours and are available throughout the day. See our blog ‘Introducing Click and Study’ for more details.
  • Use the Browse and Borrow service to book a fifteen-minute slot to access the shelves and borrow items using the self- service machine. You can use the same slot to return your items or collect your reservations from the pick-up point. Read our blog ‘Introducing Browse and Borrow’ for more details.
  • Request 10% of a work that we only hold in print is scanned directly to your inbox using the Scan and Deliver service, Reade our blog ‘Introducing Scan and Deliver’ for more details.

Virtual tour via Google

Before you arrive on campus view the virtual tour of Augustine House, Canterbury, to familiarise yourself. The tour includes locations that you are likely to make use of during your time as a Christ Church student, including the i-zone, student support, and the social, study and dedicated learning spaces.

A link has also been provided for Drill Hall to enable you to find where it is located on the Medway campus.

Self-guided tour

You can also take a self-guided tour of Augustine House. Guides can be found on the ground floor of Augustine House or online.

Interactive floor guide

In addition, you can also download the interactive PowerPoint presentation that you can use to find additional specific locations on each floor of Augustine House.

Just Ask - how to get help

Everyone engages with the library, and asks for help in different ways, and we want to make things as easy as possible to have your questions answered. If you need anything at all, just ask.

Book at 1:2:1 session with your Learning & Research librarian, or your Learning Developer through the Learning Skills Hub .

Augustine House Library - Canterbury
Drill Hall Library - Medway
Salomons Institute Library - Tunbridge Wells