Your IT services enable you to connect with the university using your Microsoft 365 account, download free and discounted software to help you with your studies, and access IT support and training.

About IT services

A wide range of IT services are available to you including WiFi, free and discounted software, bookable training sessions and award-winning IT support from the IT Hub on campus. For more information see the IT area of the current student webpages or access specific service information below:

You might not need all of these services immediately upon arrival, and some you might not need until you've been at the university for a while, however when you do, you can find information about all of these, and more, on the current student webpages.

Support with IT equipment

We recommend that you have your own laptop computer as there will be lots of online resources, recorded lectures and activities for you to engage with, to support your independent learning, both on and off campus.

Your first step is to discuss any special equipment or software requirements with your programme to ensure you have what you need from the start.

  • For most programmes, a Windows laptop is recommended with an Intel i5 processor with 8GB Ram.
  • For creative arts programmes e.g. music or media related courses an Apple MacBook may be more appropriate.
  • If you are studying computing or engineering subjects you may wish to consider a higher specification laptop to support your studies, for example an i7 processor with 16GB Ram.

If you are worried about accessing essential IT equipment to support your studies please contact for advice and support.


For more information..

If you are looking for more information about the computing systems and learning technologies that you are likely to access during your time study at CCCU, we have created an online guide to get you started.