There's several ways you can get help, including your Personal Academic Tutor, the i-zone and your Peer Mentor (if you have opted to have one).

About the i-zone

The i-zone is here to help with any questions you have about getting ready for uni, setting up your student account, moving into accommodation, preparing for registration or anything else you need to know before you arrive.

  • If they do not know the answer themselves, the i-zone will know who to signpost you to, so whatever your query is they are always a good place to start.

As well as being able to contact them via email and telephone, they also provide the ability to conduct a Live Chat online via these webpages.

Your Programme Team

Your programme team are there to support you with any questions you have on your your welcome, induction and timetable. Find your programme and their contact details here

Your Personal Academic Tutor

Every student is allocated a key named member of academic staff, from their programme of study called a Personal Academic Tutor (PAT)

Your PAT is there to provide you with academic support helping you to identify the academic skills you need to develop in order to succeed in your studies. This can include:

  • Help to reflect on your expectations of University Life and future goals;
  • Support to transition into University and the different levels;
  • Discussion on what study skills you may need to focus on and resources to help you;
  • Support in reviewing feedback on assignments and help to improve your grades;
  • Help with your personal development and identifying the skills you may need for future employability;
  • Signposting to appropriate support services.

PATs will provide regular scheduled appointments to meet with their tutees either individually or in groups; these will take place at least 3 times per year.

To find out who your Personal Academic Tutor is please contact your Programme Team.

Support for your Disability

Right from the start we want to make sure that everyone, regardless of disability or differences, has what they need to reach their full potential.

By registering with our Disability and Mental Wellbeing Teams before you arrive, we can ensure that any additional support you may need for your learning is put in place.

Also let your programme team know if you have any needs so they can support you.

Getting a Peer Mentor

Our peer mentors can be first, second or third years as well as postgraduate students who are trained to provide a safe and confidential space for new students to talk freely and ask questions providing, reassurance and guidance to help you to settle in.