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The Medway Campus of Canterbury Christ Church University, based at the Universities at Medway on the Chatham Maritime site, provides a supportive and professional learning, teaching and research environment in the heart of the Medway towns and within easy access of London.

As a leading provider of public service training in Kent, the University's Medway Campus is a popular choice for people looking to develop a career in the education or health and social care sectors.

Studying at the Medway Campus means you will benefit from:

Our programmes are designed to give you the practical and theoretical skills needed to succeed in your career, whether it's in early years education or one of the many health and social care professions.

The Campus is also home to the Institute of Medical Sciences. The Institute represents a centre of excellence for postgraduate medical education and research. This includes specialised programmes in  MCh Surgery (Otorhinolarngology), MCh Surgery (Orthopaedics and Regenerative Medicine), and MCh Surgery (Urology), and supports ground breaking research in the use stem cell technology within clinical practice. 

The Centre for Career & Personal Development is also based at the Medway Campus and offers an exciting range of programmes to practitioners working, or wanting to work, in career guidance, career counselling and career learning; alongside offering programmes for those supporting young people.


The Medway Campus, once the site of HMS Pembroke is close to the Historic Dockyard, the naval town of Chatham, the cultural centre of Gillingham, and the beautiful cathedral city of Rochester. Chatham Maritime, only 42 minutes away from London by train, has experienced major developments, creating a student-friendly new quarter with a real village atmosphere. Here you’ll find a multiplex cinema, an outlet shopping centre, a fully equipped sports centre as well as lively marina side restaurants.  Visit Medway provides full information on what’s going on in the area throughout the year.

You can view some of our naval history in two short films we have made on the bombing of the Drill Shed in HMS Pembroke Chatham in 1917 and the roles of health care professionals in 1917.

Economic Impact  

In a recent report examining ‘The economic impact of Canterbury Christ Church University’, in 2012/13 it was estimated that the expenditure of the University and its students together generated £83 million of output in Medway and 690 full-time equivalent jobs, including around 80 full-time jobs in the University itself. 

The Economic Impact of Canterbury Christ Church University

In 2014, academics from Strathclyde University (Viewforth Consulting) conducted an economic impact assessment for Canterbury Christ Church University. The report drew on UK and regional economic data for the financial year 2012/13, and examined the impact of the University’s and students’ expenditure on the South East and UK economy, and the University’s impact on regional and national employment.

The highlights from the economic impact analysis of the University nationally, on the South East region and also on Canterbury, Medway and Thanet (through the impact of each of our campuses) are detailed below:

Impact of the University on the UK and South East region:

  • The University impact (both the impact of the University and its students) is confirmed as being of continuing significance – overall the modelled results for 2012/13 showed 5,442 jobs generated in the South East region by the University and its students together, compared to 5,059 jobs in the 2009/10 year
  • The University’s own revenue was £121.9 million in 2012/13. Through knock-on effects it generated an additional £160 million in other industries throughout the UK, with the majority (£139 million) in the South East region
  • The University provided 1,601 full-time equivalent jobs across a range of occupations and skill levels
  • 1,593 full-time equivalent jobs were generated outside the University, with most (1,423) based in the South East region
  • International students’ off-campus expenditure generated £18 million of output (of which £16 million was in the region) and 153 full-time equivalent jobs throughout the UK (137 in the region)
  • The University also attracted 6,068 students from other parts of the UK (outside the South East of England) to study in the region. The off-campus expenditure of students from the rest of the UK (£72 million) generated £94 million of output and 819 full-time equivalent jobs in the region
  • While the expenditure of the 10,902 local students is not additional to the region, the University arguably helped retain these students and their expenditure within the region. South East domiciled students spent an estimated £129 million (and generated £168 million of output) and created 1,462 jobs in the region

Impact of the University on Medway:

  • The expenditure of the University and its students generated £83 million of output and 690 full-time equivalent jobs in Medway – equivalent to just over 0.8 % of all Medway employee jobs



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