CATCH Lab - the Community Applied Theatre for Children's Health & Wellbeing Laboratory

Engaging with children and young people through applied theatre

The Centre is expanding its portfolio by engaging with children and young people in healthcare paediatrics NHS and community mental health and children’s healthcare services. We aim to pursue a range of participatory arts-based projects exploring the health and wellbeing benefits of hospitalised children and young people’s interaction with bedside synergistic theatrical performance, object theatre, storytelling, puppetry, digital arts and animated films. Research builds on Prof. Sextou’s expertise about Theatre for Children in Hospital and Hospices in relation to their social and emotional wellbeing as well as their engagement with learning during treatment.

The Centre welcomes PhD supervisions on Participatory Arts for Health Practice, and proposals from stakeholders in healthcare, public health and the creative industries for collaboration.  


Persephone Sextou:


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