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Mr Colin Johnson

Senior Lecturer

School: School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work

Campus: Medway

Tel: 01227 922026

Profile summary

I am based at Canterbury campuses and my main academic focus is dementia care and treatment. I am programme director for the Certificate of Higher Education in Health and Social Care Studies which runs from our Broadstairs and Medway campuses. However, I also teach and have module leader responsibilities on the Foundation degree and Continuing Development programmes. Although my focus is dementia care I also teach across a range of subjects including risk management, team-working, public and mental health.

My academic interests include the enhancement of professional communication, team-working, team and organisational cultures and their impact on care, improving communication and environments for dementia care that empowers people, the use of cognitive stimulating activities in dementia care and developing formative assessment and interactive student learning activities. I am also interested in the internationalisation agenda and use examples in my programmes to highlight the impact of global health and social care issues. As a member of the CWBLCD I am focussed on the upskilling and development of the health and social care workforce and widening access to higher education. I have recently completed my PREVENT online training. 

Research and knowledge exchange

I was part of a three year Ethnographic participatory research project in a South coast acute hospital ward providing care for people with a dementia. As a researcher I was involved in participant observation and the writing of field notes on the working practices, team and organisational culture in an acute hospital that supports the care of people with a dementia. Following this I organised a serious of follow-up dementia care workshops for the ward nursing staff to consolidate their participation in the project. The workshops used a pre and post evaluation design to assess the effectiveness of the workshops. Results show that the workshops were effective in formalising participant’s thoughts, ideas and practices in how to improve person centred dementia care.

I also completed a small action research project with nursing students in assessing the efficacy of student-led learning activities in their construction and use of practice-based clinical scenarios, partly based on their own clinical practice experience. I am in the process of writing up the results, but initial analysis shows that this type of learning is beneficial for the student in conjunction with other pedagogic approaches.

Previous research projects have included assessing the communication skills of care support staff working with working age adult mental health day service users. I have also completed a project on the application of conflict theory and conflict resolution models to mental health care in resolving issues between staff and staff and service users.

My future research interest is investigating the role that specialist support groups play in empowering people newly diagnosed with a dementia.

Teaching and subject expertise

I am a duel qualified registered nurse in general and psychiatric nursing. I am registered with the MNC (Nursing and Midwifery Council) I am also registered as a specialist practitioner in mental health nursing. I attend regular dementia related events and conferences such as the national Dementia Congress. .     

External activities

National Dementia Congress (see above)

I was also an external academic advisor for a Health and Social Care programme for Birmingham City University 2016 

Publications and research outputs

Johnson, C. Bressington, D. (2015) Increasing diagnosis rates of dementias: holy grail or poisoned chalice. British Journal of Mental Health Nursing, 4(4), 19-23.    

I have also presented with a colleague at the National Dementia Congress in in 2014 the results of an ethnographic research study:

"A multi-Phrase Practice Development Project on an acute Ward for Older People with a Cognitive Impairment in a General NHS Hospital"

I also presented a conference poster at the National Dementia Congress in 2015:

"A Dementia Focussed Practice Development Training Programme for Nursing Staff in an Acute NHS Hospital Ward"


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