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I have worked for Canterbury Christ Church University since January 2017, initially as Simulation Faculty Director for our Simulation Teams & Resources located in Canterbury and Medway. In May 2019 I took a Regional Role, within the University, to build a collaborative community of practice with specific objectives in Simulation for Mental Health, Faculty Development in Simulation and Human Factors, and Simulated Participants.

Current projects

I am designing a MSc Simulation Pathway as part of the MSc Healthcare Practice Programme, which is currently approaching validation.
We are currently recruiting a Professor of Simulation and a number of Fellows (all part time and fixed term) to drive work along the themes, we aim to deliver and evaluate collaborative innovative interventions to meet stakeholder aspirations and objectives.

Research and knowledge exchange

I am currently contributing to two EU (Interreg) funded projects. MOTION (Mechanised Orthosis for Children with Neurological Disorders) and ADAPT (Assistive Devices for empowering disAbled People through robotic Technologies) here I can provide expertise in simulation-based education and clinical human factors as well as my experience in the design, delivery and evaluation of experiential learning events.

Publications and research outputs

C Wood, C Buss, A Buttery, D Gardiner. Evaluation of deceased donation simulation. Journal of the Intensive Care Society. 2012 April; 13(2): 107-114

S Timmons, B Baxendale, A Buttery, G Miles, B Roe, S Browes. Implementing Human Factors in Clinical Practice. Emerg Med J. 2014 March;

E Ferguson, A Buttery, G Miles, C Tatalia, D D Clarke, A Lonsdale, B Baxendale, C Lawrence. The Temporal Rating of Emergency Non-Technical skills (TRENT) index for self and others: psychometric properties and emotional responses. BMC Medical Education (2014) 14; 240

J Scott, P Dawson, E Heavey, Aoife De Brun, A Buttery, J Waring, D Flynn. Content Analysis of Patient Safety Incident Reports for Older Adult Patient Transfers, Handovers, and Discharges: Do They Serve Organisations, Staff or Patients? J Patient Saf 2019;00: 00-00

Book Chapter
Essential Simulation in Clinical Education K Forrest, J McKimm, S Edgar (Eds) Wiley Chichester 2013 Ch 6 The Roles of Faculty & Simulated Patients in Simulation, B Baxendale, F Coffey, A Buttery


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