Professional Nurse Advocate Course

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our Professional Nurse Advocate course. Please see below for dates, booking and relevant information.

About the course

The PNA course will be offered over 12-16 weeks, from day one to submission of summative assessment. There are five online interactive study sessions with a further five directed study days. These cover all aspects, restorative clinical supervision (RCS), quality improvement and the PNA as a compassionate leader. There is an emphasis on the support of nurses in practice, building resilience using RCS, demonstrating the importance of having a safe and confidential space allowing time to reflect and make sense of workplace issues. You will develop skills to be an advocate for colleagues, for patients and for the nursing profession.

Within the sessions on leadership, you will consider how compassionate leadership promotes effective teams and collective competence. Promoting continuous professional development and supporting the process of revalidation will form part of this element. The course will encourage the ethos of autonomy, belonging, and contribution through learning and understanding the need to be involved in and promote quality improvement. There will be a formative presentation that aims to support the summative assessment of a portfolio of evidence, demonstrating how the PNA has utilised their new skills and knowledge to support staff in practice by using all elements of the AEQUIP model.

The course is at level 7 and offers 20 credits on completion. It is facilitated by Lindsey Morgan and Helen Muscat. 

Course aims

The course aims to equip nurses with the skills and knowledge to facilitate restorative supervision to colleagues and teams within nursing services and beyond. It will develop leadership skills supporting you to be at the forefront of service improvement, delivering quality improvement initiatives in response to service demands and changing patient needs ensuring the provision of safe and effective care.

Course dates

Courses are offered every six weeks:

03.03.21 - 14.04.21 Virtual 10:00-16:00 Course Full
28.04.21 - 09.06.21 Virtual 10:00-16:00 Course Full
29.04.21 - 18.07.21 Virtual 10:00-16:00 Course Full
04.05.21 - 18.09.21 Virtual 10:00-16:00 Course Full
18.06.21 - 23.10.21 Virtual 10:00-16:00 Book Now
02.07.21 - 28.11.21 Virtual 10:00-16:00 Book Now

Workshop cost: £885 per delegate

Contact: For more information, contact Lindsey Morgan and Helen Muscat


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