Holistic Examination of the Newborn (HEN Workshop)

We are pleased to bring you the Non-Credit Bearing Holistic Examination of the Newborn workshop – as a new study day. Please see below for dates, booking and relevant information.  

About the workshop

The Holistic Examination of the Newborn Workshop addresses the needs of new entrants into the midwifery profession, who have undertaken explicit Newborn and Infant Physical Examination (NIPE) elements integrated into their Midwifery training. The workshop is aimed at consolidating knowledge, values and in turn inform relevant skills, in the holistic examination of the newborn – with a focus on the NIPE aspects.  

The workshop will include

  • Importance of history and the role of the NIPE practitioner  

  • Revision of examination of various systems e.g. cardiovascular, skeletal etc. 

  • Guidance on completing the Competency document  

We have aimed this workshop with the following people in in mind, but it is open to anyone who would like to refresh learning about the Holistic examination of the Newborn.  

  • Recently Qualified Midwives (where the NIPE was integrated within the BSc programme) 

  • Qualified NIPE Practitioners (as a refresher) 

  • GP trainees  


£80 per person

Course dates

Day 1 17 January 2023
Day 2 18 January 2023
Day 1 14 February 2023
Day 2 15 February 2023
Day 1 14 March 2023
Day 2 15 March 2023
Day 1 18 April 2023
Day 2 19 April 2023
Day 1 16 May 2023
Day 2 17 May 2023

The Skills Day will take place in the skills lab – Further details will be communicated based on the Social Distancing requirements at the time.  

IMPORTANT: Both dates must be attended to be certified for completion. 

Booking and further information

To book or enquire for further information, please contact Faith Kayembe, Senior Lecturer (Midwifery) on: faith.kayembe@canterbury.ac.uk or health.yourbookings@canterbury.ac.uk


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