Physiotherapy is a science based profession which aims to empower individuals to maximise their quality of life by restoring, maintaining and improving function and movement.

The BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy is a full time, three-year single honours programme that integrates theory and clinical practice. The aim is to develop high levels of academic and professional competence, preparing you for working as a physiotherapist fit for the future, contributing to public health and health promotion as well as in co-developing personalised, patient-centred approaches to care and treatment. Promoting interprofessional working is a central concept across the programme and in practice.   

The programme aims to develop you as an effective, safe, autonomous health professional, who is able to work flexibly in the changing context of health and social care, applying leadership skills and technology as appropriate.  

You will be encouraged to be proactive and innovative, taking responsibility for your own learning during the three years at the university and your continuing professional development thereafter. Fundamental to your development as an effective practitioner will be your ability to draw on varied sources of evidence and clinical reasoning, skilfully applying the principles that underpin physiotherapy practice and the ability to transfer learning to other practice contexts. Interprofessional experiences will allow you to explore the roles of other health and social care colleagues to understand not just the service users’ journey, and that of carers in different contexts, but also recognising the importance of optimal services/agency integration.

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